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Life is an adventure. All of us are challenged on our journey. Sometimes we need help considering where we’re at and where we’re

going. We offer an effective and collaborative therapeutic environment based on trust, empathy, and unconditional positive regard. We hold your personal stories with respect and compassion. When life is out of balance or mental health concerns get in the way, counseling can be a life-line. 

Our mission is to transform lives by providing you a safe space to help you heal, in order for you to experience improved relationships, stress resilience, and greater happiness. 

Our staff are highly trained with years of experience in helping others. We are ready to meet with you.

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pet therapy

Therapy dogs are sometimes called "comfort dogs." They support a person's mental health by providing attention and comfort. Their sweet demeanors and unconditional love are believed to have a therapeutic benefit to those who face mental health challenges. These special pets bring joy to the counseling office and provide unconditional love and comfort. A therapy dog's curiosity helps them connect with new clients and create a trusting relationship. Our therapy dog looks forward to meeting you

The therapy Process

breathing space

It may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.  Maya Angelou

1. Awareness

Step One is about increasing your self-awareness. You’ll get clear on the beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that are magnifying your stress and keeping you stuck.

2. Skills

In Step Two you’ll learn skills to stop stress and negativity in their tracks. Your energy will instead go toward creating positive interactions, thoughts, and solutions. As negative patterns fade, your confidence grows. 

3. Habits

In Step Three, your awareness and skills are strengthened through personalized habits. With regular practice, these habits become automatic and ensure your sustained progress.

4. Practice

Step Four strengthens your awareness, skills, and habits, so that you reach a new level, where you’re more aware and in control, where you feel confident to handle whatever life brings you. 

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